Program on Persuasion

Program on Persuasion University (Complete Program)


Program on Persuasion is an in-depth step-by-step sales training program focused on the science of persuasive selling. Salespeople learn skills to trigger buyer emotions, build trust, create urgency, and generate preference.

Product Description

PoP University contains seven lessons. Each lesson includes the following elements.

  • Instructor-Led Training Videos (28 total) deliver and demonstrate the content of the lesson.
  • Course Content presents the lesson in written form, for clarity and comprehension. It works as a supplement to the videos, and helps for easy reference to the material.
  • Learning Objectives work as an index and set your goal; the objectives provide the checklist that ensures you are on track for success.
  • Additional Reading and Resources suggest further reading in areas of interest and potential expertise.
  • Quizzes for comprehension at the end of each module ensure you meet the learning objective and that your training is effective.

POP University also includes Sales Coaching and Accountability Sessions: weekly small groups hosted online where we set SMART goals, assess our achievement, and troubleshoot real problems and opportunities.


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